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Debt Recovery

We understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be when trying to recover money that you are owed.  Whether it be an outstanding business invoice, rent arrears that are due from a tenant or a personal debt, our dedicated debt recovery [team/experts] are here to help. 

We offer a full debt recovery and litigation service which takes you through the following stages: The Pre-Litigation Debt Recovery Stage; The Litigation Stage and the Enforcement Stage.

Our process is completely flexible to allow our clients to choose how far they wish to progress with the recovery of their outstanding debt. Our dedicated staff members are on hand to offer advice and support on the most appropriate course of action to recover the outstanding debt, as quickly as possible.  We act within 24 hours of your instructions and ensure to keep you updated throughout the process.

We strive to ensure that our clients recover their outstanding debts as quickly and efficiently as possible. We cater each debt recovery case to suit the individual needs of the client and operate on a fixed fee structure, in so far as possible, to ensure that there are no hidden costs or mounting hourly rates incurred.

Robson & Co - Debt Recovery

The Stages of Debt Recovery

Pre-Litigation Debt Recovery Stage:

Prior to any court action being commenced, in respect of the recovery of the outstanding debt, notice must be served on the debtor in compliance with the pre-action protocol. The principal aim of a pre-action protocol is to resolve the matter without the need for court intervention and to provide notice of intended action, in the event that the debtor fails to comply.

– On instructing [Robson & Co./us] a dedicated recovery agent/case handler is assigned to your case. We undertake a full review of your debt/rent recovery matter and advise accordingly.

– We can undertake a full trace and credit check on your debtor if this is required (an additional fee is charged for the trace/credit check – this service is available at your discretion).
– We proceed to draft and serve a compliant letter before claim for the recovery of your outstanding debt on your debtor within 24 hours of your instructions.
(Throughout this stage of the recovery process, we attempt to contact your debtor by telephone/email to establish early settlement of the outstanding debt).
Should the debtor fail to pay the outstanding debt in full or agree to a repayment plan in accordance with the notice period of the letter before claim, a money claim may then be issued to obtain a County Court Judgement (CCJ).

The Litigation Stage:

– On your instructions, we will proceed to draft the required documentation in respect of the money claim and issue with the county court.

– If the debtor either admits to the claimed amount or fails to respond to the claim, a default judgement (County Court Judgement) can be obtained against the debtor and enforced.

– Should the debtor defend the claim in full, in part or counterclaim, the matter will proceed to a Hearing or Trial where a Judge will decide whether the claim is to be successful, on the merits of the case. If this issue arises, your dedicated case handler will advise you on the process and will provide you with the options available, so that you can make informed decisions at each stage of proceedings.

The Enforcement Stage:

On a County Court Judgement being awarded against your debtor, you are then able to enforce the same using a variety of methods available. We can help you assess the most effective methods for your particular case, which suit your circumstances.

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