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Evictions / Possession Orders

We understand that evicting a problem tenant from your property or removing trespassers from your land can be stressful and the process can seem daunting.  At Robson & Co. our specialists can provide advice and assistance to help recover possession of your property as quickly and stress-free as possible.

We provide a complete service to landlords, managing agents and lettings agents on a nationwide basis and always act in a fast, reliable and efficient manner to ensure that your property is returned to you without delay.

Our fixed fee service for undefended court proceedings ensures that you are aware of the costs involved from initial instructions.  Our team are experienced in all areas of landlord and tenant law and during any initial consultation, we look to establish the most cost-effective route to recover your property and will discuss the options available to you.

Our property repossession services include:

  • Service of Section 8 Notices
  • Service of Section 21 Notices
  • Notices to Quit
  • Drafting and filing claims for possession
  • Enforcement of Possession Orders by way of Eviction
  • Commercial Forfeitures
  • Trespasser Removal

The Stages Of Repossession Of Your Property


Should you wish to repossess your property, unfortunately, you are unable to simply change the locks and evict your tenant as tenants have a legal right of occupation.  Prior to a Landlord being able to recover lawful possession of a property, the appropriate notice seeking possession must be served upon the tenant. 

In most instances, residential properties are let on assured shorthold tenancies, which can be terminated by either a Section 21 notice or by way of a notice served under Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988.

The notice provides the tenant with a period to return possession of the property or in some circumstances rectify any breach complained of, including the payment of rent arrears.

Where the notice seeking possession of the property is not complied with or the tenant continues to occupy the property, we are then able to apply to the appropriate court to obtain an order for possession, which will order that the tenant return the property to you. 

Should the tenant fail to adhere to the terms of the order for possession, county court bailiffs or high court enforcement agents can be instructed to undertake the eviction of the tenant.

On instructing Robson & Co., we will review your circumstances and determine the relevant notice to serve on your tenant to ensure that your property is returned to you without delay.


In respect of commercial leases and excluded license agreements, an order for possession is not usually required to repossess a property and we can look to advise you as to the options available in this regard.

For further information on Possession Order, Evictions process, or to discuss an individual matter then please contact Stephanie Turner at .

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