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Single Page Terms

Your details:

Name Address tel email

What you have asked us to do: 

You have instructed us under matter reference to……..

Our Details:

Henwood Twenty Two limited Trading As Robson and co solicitors registered office 147 High Street, Hythe, Kent, Ct21 5JN, a limited Company registered under company number 9642284. VAT number 223490329.  


We are authorised & regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under ID number 624268. Please use the SRA logo on our website which will take you to the SRA website for full details of our organisation and authorisation.

Person Responsible for your matter:

Keith Betts, Solicitor, will be responsible for the day to day conduct of your matter and can be contacted ……….. email, telephone, 

The work will be supervised by Donna Trewerne, licensed conveyancer, who can be contacted……….  email, tel no.

Time estimate:

The initial letter sent to you containing these terms will explain how long we expect your matter to take from start to finish. This is an estimate based on our previous experience and may be subject to change as we may be reliant on other parties to respond quickly to our correspondence.


We have provide you with a separate quote for the work that we will do on your behalf. We will not undertake any work outside the scope of this quote without your prior written agreement. Our indicative pricing structure is published in full on our website (link)


We are required to hold Professional Indemnity insurance to a level specified by the SRA. Details of our insurance policy are published on our website (link) and a paper copy is displayed in the reception area of our office.

How You can complain:

Any complaint about the way in which your matter is dealt with should be referred to the person supervising the matter. In the event you wish to complain further you can contact our Head of Complaints, Keith Betts, who is a director of this company. Our full complaints procedure is set out in full on our website ( link) or you can ask to be provided with a written copy. This includes details of how you can complain to the Legal Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with any response to a complaint.

Full Terms & Conditions:

We will ask you to sign and return this document as an acknowledgement of the contractual agreement between ourselves. Until we have received the signed document we are unable to progress your matter any further so please ensure that this is dealt with promptly.

This summary must be read in conjunction with our full terms and conditions which are published on our website (link). If you are unable to access our website then please ask and we will provide you with a written version.

By signing this agreement you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed with our full terms and conditions.


What happens next:


  • Please access and read our full terms & conditions before signing and returning this agreement.
  • Please provide the correct identification requested in our initial letter.
  • Please make a payment on account of costs as indicated in our initial letter.
  • Please complete and return any forms or documents specifically requested in our initial letter.



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