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Wills and Probate

Robson & Co Solicitors

Protecting your family

A carefully drafted Will is rarely considered by many but can have a significant impact on the amount of Inheritance Tax payable on your death; whilst supporting and offering protection for those you love.

Making a Will is a simple process and allows you to be confident that in your absence your affairs will be handled quickly and efficiently without dispute or animosity. Having a Will written is only a small fee and will greatly reduce potential headaches in the future for your spouse, children and relatives.

Probate and Estate administration

We have been offering a professional but sensitive service for people around Hythe and Ashford for many years. Our services are extensive and can include funeral arrangements, informing utility companies, financial institutions and government departments, calculating Inheritance Tax, obtaining the Grant of Probate and handling of the estate.

At Robson & Co we treat you like an individual and provide you with the personal attention you need. We can help even in cases where there was no Will left. Contact us today for stress-free, no obligation expert advice.

Robson & Co Solicitors

Create a Will today with advice from our team at Robson & Co in Hythe and Ashford.

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